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Water Sports that You May Not Have Tried

Water sports, as you probably have guessed from the name, involve a lot of water and you’re going to get soaked. You might have tried outdoor sports like soccer, extreme sports like wrestling or online sports like Dadu online, now it’s time to add water sports to your experience. Of course you should go for the easier water sports if you’re not entirely used to water sports.

Paddle Boarding

Otherwise known as paddle surfing, paddle boarding can be traced way back to ancient Polynesians. You’ll basically stand on a long board, in order to propel yourself and move from one place to the next you have to use the paddle. It looks simple enough, but you need balance and enough arm strength to actually get you from point A to point B. Compared to surfing, stand-up paddle board can be enjoyed even if the waters are calm.

Wakeskating or Wakesurfing

If you think that waterskiing or wakeboarding is fun, you’ll absolutely love wakeskating. You’ll be towed behind a board and you’ll use a piece of gear on your feet; wakeskates are made out of fibreglass or wood. The main difference is that wakeskates have no binding to your feet, much like a skateboard. After getting the hang of it and practicing the proper balance, you can then start to do tricks that involve a lot of spinning and flipping.

Kite Surfing

Sometimes referred to kite boarding, kite surfing has continuously gained popularity all over the world. All you have to do is stand on a board, grab on to a bar attached to a large kite that looks very much like a miniature parachute. As the kite catches the wind, you’re propelled through the water. Regardless if there are any waves, you’ll still have an amazing.