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Top Exercises For Pregnant Women

Are you ready to welcome your newly born into the world? However, before you do, you have an arduous journey of 9 months to go through. While your gynecologist must have suggested you an array of healthy dietary food and a lifestyle regimen to follow through, we have a couple of exercises that will surely make your pregnancy smooth.

Strengthen Your Core

To strengthen your inner core and muscles, try to focus on two exercises, the ‘Side-Lying inner and outer thigh’, and the ‘Plank’. As your trimesters progress, these two might seem pretty hard to do which is why it is essential that you start from the moment you discover you’re pregnant.

The Side-Lying Inner And Outer Thigh Exercise

The Side-Lying Inner, as much as its name suggests, allows you to lie down on one of your sides with the other knee resting on a pillow. Now, as you lie on your side, try to raise the other side till the distance between both the legs is at least 45 degrees. After continuing this for 5 – 10 minutes (or as per your stamina), switch sides and proceed to do the same for as long as your breath doesn’t give up.

The Plank Exercise

The Plank, on the other hand, is probably one of the top exercises for enhancing core strength and stamina during pregnancy. It is also one of the top-rated exercises for reducing belly fat and maintaining a straight body form for non-pregnant women as well. For instance, take any example of female transformation at – the women there engage in all types of exercises from Zumba aerobic exercises to CrossFit and weight-lifting.

Walk as Much as You Can!

The best exercise perhaps that you can get – and that too, free of cost – is to walk as much as you can on those feet of yours! Back pain is probably one of the commonest symptoms encountered during pregnancy. In order to have less back pain and of course, more energy before you go into labour, try to keep moving as much as you can. In addition to roaming around the house, try to walk in a park for 15-20 minutes and breathe in that fresh air.