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Top Email Advertising Figures That Are Changing 2019

1. Individuals devote two and a half hours every work day to check out their personal emails

Adobe had taken a more in-depth glimpse at exactly how white-collar employees make use of e mail and learned that they commit about two and a half hours looking at their private email inboxes during work hours and much more time going through work-related email messages. Furthermore, most people check out their private email accounts prior to their arrival to their offices, and a few actually get it done prior to getting off the bed in the morning.

How is this important for email advertisers? The importance of this is because it implicates that individuals are looking at their email every day. They are integrating free temp mail address checking into their lives, making it a part of their daily chores. As a result, you are not required to send promotional emails only when they are at home, as they will check it even while working, before getting out of bed, or after arriving home.

2. Over 347 Billion Email messages are going to be sent by the year 2022

Statistics released by Statista shows a stable ascend in the number of emails sent and received. It shows that the number will go beyond 347 billion each day by 2022. Furthermore, it is worth seeing that the amount was 269 billion last year. That is a fast rate expansion for the amount of emails that are being sent each year. This is a positive news for email advertisers. These figures indicate an increase in the amount of people making use of email which is always good for people in the email marketing industry. On the other hand, the increasing amount of emails might also make it more difficult for your emails to stand out from the bunch of emails being sent.