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Steroids: Where to get them?

Steroids, albeit its controversy, remains to be one of the most popular and sought after forms of medication. This is because it delivers a lot of health effects which cannot be given by other kinds. The reason why it’s controversial is that one of its kinds, specifically corticosteroids is one which is extremely prone to abuse, especially among athletes who wish to gain more muscle mass. Despite that, if you wish to know as to where to get steroids in the safest, most legal means, then here are the popular places where you could get them.

Online Medical Shops

If you wish to get steroids in bulk for re-selling, then your best option would have to be shops which sell them online. The reason for this is simply because these shops are a lot less stringent, and the regulations are not as strictly followed as in Pharmacies. This, however, is tantamount to a black market for this kind of steroids if done in this manner. While some impose less stringent policies, some online shops have the tendency to be much stricter.


The next, most obvious choice of destination to go whenever you wish to find steroids would most definitely have to be pharmacies, or drug stores. It would be, however, rather tedious to get these medications if you wish to do so in bulk, given that the pharmacies would only end up dispensing the amount as indicated on the prescriptions, and would question and/or prohibit you from getting any more.


For injectable steroids, these are more readily available in hospitals, given that proper and hygienic administration has to be observed among steroids as the improper injection and/or the reusing of needles could cause more harm than good, most especially be the cause of spread of other diseases especially HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.