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Role Of The Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur has the main role in the market economy. For this entrepreneur has to serve as the plug in the economy and handle all the activity. The success of the economy is the result of giving the reward to their instinct. You can follow a path of many of the entrepreneurs like Carl freer that have a great status in the economy. A society is going to be developed when the entrepreneurs are getting the rewards for all the activity and achievements.

For many of the years, an entrepreneur was having the small role in the economy but now all our economy run due to these entrepreneurs. Because of the entrepreneur’s energy, creativity and b initiative, we can target the production and sale of many of the goods and services. The entrepreneur is one who is liable for all the downfalls of the company.

More than other people in the society, the entrepreneur has the unique role that is capable to bring the money in the business by buying and selling of the product. They are well capable of marketing and sales of the services or the items.

Nature Of Entrepreneur

Nature of the entrepreneur is very realistic and optimistic. They have the future-oriented goals and also anticipate all the future risk. The entrepreneur is the fast moving and they know how to manage the risk factor.   They always fulfill the demand of the customer to cut the competition. They have many of the tricks to influence the customer and sell all the product and services.

Final Saying

Precisely, we can say that entrepreneur has the major role in the economy. They keep the liquidity in the market that will result in a great flow of money in the market. These all are the key factors that who important is the role of the entrepreneur in the society.