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Purchasing the Best Air Compressor

Purchasing an air compressor can be a little tricky and a lot depends on the quality of the air compressor. A bad design may also reduce the efficiency of the workforce and in addition to this, it may also lead to work related accident. Hence, it is always in the best bet to purchase high-quality air compressors. You may opt for e-pneumatic atlas Copco air compressor and the best part is that e-pneumatic provides all the variants of Atlas Copco air compressor. E-pneumatic also provides the spare parts for maintenance and repair of these air compressors. Let us now look at some of the e-pneumatic air compressor models.

Atlas Copco GX2 – If you want a compressor for a small industry or for the home use then you should purchase this compressor as the compressor is compact and it is low on noise level as well. It comes with a standard warranty of 12 months and it has a low noise level of about 61 dB. It is easy to maintain this compressor and you can simply plug it into power source to start using the compressor.

Atlas Copco GA 160 – The main advantage of this compressor is that it can produce air which is free from any contamination. This is surely one of the best air compressors for any industry and in addition to this, it comes with a warranty of 12 months. The compressor has a noise level of 75 dB

Atlas Copco GA 55 – This Compressor is one of the best when it comes to efficiency. The compressor uses oil injected screw system to compress and store the air and it has an efficiency of 10140 L/Minute. Another advantage of the compressor is the low noise levels which are just about 69 dB. It surely one of the best for any sort of industry as it can deliver the desired output even in the extreme conditions.

These are some of the best compressor available with e-pneumatic and you can browse through the complete product catalog at the web store of e-pneumatic.