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Process Oriented Web Design

Graphic design is more than just delivering a completed piece; it’s about the creative process that results in the best solution for a client.  So art directors like to see more than just the final product – they want to know how the designer arrived at the completed design and why the designer chose it as representative of the client.

A good way to convey the design process from start to finish is to include thumbnails and initial compositions in a portfolio.  These examples can provide insights, should an art director or potential employer inquire about the process of a particular design, particularly for more complex and impressive pieces. Being able to show a disciplined and detailed design process goes a long way in being considered for a second interview and subsequent hiring.

Presentation and Attention to Detail

Any aspiring web designer should show that they have paid attention to detail and taken pride in their work by presenting an organized and thorough portfolio.

What are the best ways to display attention to detail and strong presentation skills in an interview?

Go into an interview with a good, clean portfolio whose pages are free of marks or blemishes. Any practical samples should be clean and undamaged as well.

Proofread the design pieces beforehand, eliminating any spelling or grammatical errors. (This is an instant interview killer.)

Website design Toronto ensure that the pieces displayed in the portfolio are clear, high-resolution images.

Test websites so that the links to online portfolio pieces work properly and load quickly.

When presenting the portfolio, be energetic and enthusiastic and show confidence in the work.

Control the pace of the presentation by watching and listening to others’ visual and verbal cues. The cues offer guidance regarding when to elaborate on a particular piece or when to move on. (Don’t leave it up to the potential employer to turn the pages!)