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Knowing Everything About Fortnite- The Game

A briefing

Fortnite is an online multiplayer game that has garnered huge attention in today’s time for a multitude of reasons. With the basic mode of 100 random players landing at a particular island and competing against each other to gain the position of last survivor and ultimate winner of the game, it has till now gone many updates to make the storyline even more interesting. There are a good number of hacks available on how to ace in the different modes of Fortnite and the article elucidates further on the same.

The different modes

The following is a briefing on some of the popular modes of Fortnite, the details of which can be known by click here to find out more

  • Save the World mode, which is played in teams of 4 in a post-apocalyptic world where a major part of the population has been turned into zombies and the team has to survive all of these attacks. With each winning game, the rewards are given in terms of new upgrades and new hero characters.
  • Battle Royale mode, which is played either in solo, duo or squad mode, with the primary sim of being the last survivor and winning the game
  • Creative mode, where the players can create anything of their own in the battlefield and is more of a creative challenge than gameplay.

The hacks

The following are some of the small and typical Fortnite hacks and one can click here to find out more in detail about the same:

  • Getting the avatars of camouflaging statues that can confuse the opponents to think of as a statue and then make the perfect kill

  • Using the building trap in perfect hotspots where the player concentration would be generally larger throughout the game
  • Using the impulse bombs to have good landings or getting the teammates to safety
  • Taking rocket rides to cross lakes very fastly instead of going through the water that might kill the player

Hence, the article sums up everything to know about Fortnite and its hacks in order to have a good overall gaming experience in the future.