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Honey Badgers: Just How Mean Are They?

Animals in the wild could fascinate us because of two things. It’s either they’re extremely friendly, or they are extremely mean. In the case of the latter, one of the animals that fascinate us because of how mean and clever they are is the Honey Badger. Native in a lot of countries, given that it could survive no matter how harsh the climate, these Honey Badgers are known for being one of the meanest, fiercest animals that even animals who are up to 10 times as large, and those who are equipped with venom are discouraged and/or deterred from attacking. But just how mean could the honey badger be?

They Eat Just About Anything

The Honey Badger, in a more formal sense, are characterized as omnivores in terms of what they eat. When you say omnivore, these are animals who can eat both plants and animals. While loving honey, hence the name, they also hunt out reptiles, insects, mammals, and birds apart from eggs, fruits, roots, and different kinds of plants. By anything, these honey badgers are even known to steal the kills of young lion cubs.

Honey Badgers Attack Ferociously

This feature of theirs simply defines how mean they could possibly be. Having said that, they are pretty much capable of escaping animals who have already bitten them, thanks to their loose skin. This would allow them to twist their body towards their predator, making their way towards the eyes, attacking them brutally, and through this, making their escape. Their teeth are known to bite down and penetrate even the hardest of tortoise shells.

They Stink

Don’t make the mistake of entering a honey badger’s territory! They can stink so bad their smell could make prey either back away or simply pass out. This defense mechanism of theirs, as well as their way of marking their territory is enough for them to escape their predators.