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Hollywood Celebrities: Who are the richest

When it comes to celebrities, just about every single aspect of their life gets to be talked about by many. Having said that, even the simplest, most mundane of matters, such as what they get to do in a day, as well as who they’re dating with, what’s next in their career, so on and so forth never gets past the public eye. Apart from all this, one of the most widely talked about is definitely a person’s wealth, with the richest celebrities seemingly never failing to make it to the spotlight just for their wealth alone. Having said that, several sites have listed the richest celebrities they can find, and these are just 3 of the richest celebrities, according to Wealth-X.


Also known as the Queen of Pop, and a pillar of pop music, Madonna makes the top of their list with a massive $910 million net worth. The US-based recording artist and performer boasts of a career which spans over 30 years, with several Grammy awards, recognitions, and top-selling albums and record-breaking concert ticket sales, some of which amounting to billions through the decades catapulted her into the superstar that she is.

Tiger Woods

If you’re into golf, you’d most definitely know who Tiger Woods is. Beginning at 19 years old, Tiger Woods has went on to become the world’s most successful and popular golf player, with one of his iconic achievements winning a tournament in 1997 where he got a massive 12 strokes. His wealth could be attributed to the sponsors pouring in, with Nike being one of them, with a 5-year deal of $40 million. His net worth amounts to $900 million.

Jerry Seinfeld

Coming in third on the list is actor Jerry Seinfeld, with a net worth of 860 million. He rose to fame and fortune after being chosen as one of the casts of 1989 top-rated film Seinfeld, which was a ratings success with 76.3 million people tuning in its finale. This series of his allowed him to earn a massive $1 million for each episode. His other sources of wealth include being president and owner of Columbus 81 Productions and a web series, “Comedians in Cars getting coffee.”