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Some Great Action Games On Internet

If you are on the lookout for a site to play free action games, then one of the best sites for you is Indeed, the site offers so many free games that you could just play on your browser, so long as you have installed Adobe Flash. These games are free and have extra simple objectives. For 먹튀검증, all that you really have to do is to visit their site. What are some of these great action games that you can play? Let’s find out below!


With four out of five stars, this game features a character named “Tweeny”, with a backstory of being kidnapped. Tweeny is constantly on the escape and has to make sure that he does not meet with the enemies. The game is very similar to that of Super Mario, except for a few changes. You are given a default three lives and you have to dodge a bunch of obstacles.

Revenge of the Stickmen

Another game with a good rating is Revenge of the Stickmen by This game has the objective of preventing the stickmen from escaping, or “getting out of your desktop”, after having been in captive for so long. You can do this by placing defenders in a strategic position in order to prevent the stickmen from getting out of the window.

Bloons Tower Defense

Similar in mechanics to revenge of the stickmen, this is a game for those who’d probably want a much lighter fare. With that said, this game has the objective of popping balloons before they escape the maze through placing popping towers with defense mechanisms which can include bombs, ice, fire darts, and tacks. Just make sure that the balloons don’t escape. Indeed, this game is a great one for you to play!