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Experience Awesome Gaming with Runescape

MMORPG is now a big trend of the gaming industry, and you can have a hard time in choosing the best one for you. If you want a globally recognized game that promises awesome stuff, Runescape is a game you must not miss!

Runescape for Brilliant Gaming Experience!

Download Runescape now, make your account and hop in the world of Gielinor where you can experience breath-taking thrill while gaming! On your first game, you can customize your own avatar as your character, and you’ll be given tutorial training for you to know the basics of Runescape. After which, you can live by yourself in Gielinor and improve your character’s skills to survive.

Gielinor is the fictional world in Runescape, and is set in a medieval theme feature. As you play the game, you’re free to interact with player and non-player characters. Accomplish tasks, complete quests and win battles for you to improve your skills and acquire all the stuff you need. Runescape is not just about battles, instead it’s about helping your character live in Gielinor like how you do in real life.

However, if you want to focus on combats, the Old School Runescape is the one for you. The OSRS was developed from the backup files of 2007 Runescape’s source code, and was totally released as a variation of the main game last 2013. You just have to login using your main game account at the OSRS website, and you can create a separate profile for another character in it. This is for your gaming in the classic version not be affected by your presence at the OSRS map.

Dive in the world of Gielinor now and experience the awesome gaming Runescape can give you! Help your character to survive by improving skills and acquiring stuff, and switch freely to another version if you want to. Experience unique MMORPG gaming now!