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Common Types Of Women Handbags To Choose From

Tui Xach Nu are a must in the closet, it’s practical since everything you need can be placed thereand certain outfits are completed with the right bag. If you’re going out to purchase a single bag out of all the choices available, the decision could be incredibly difficult. Before going to the store or finalizing an online purchase, decide on the exact purpose of the bag and take into account your personal style; doing so reduces the kinds of bags to go through.

Shoulder Bags

Available in dozens of shapes, size and color combinations, shoulder bags are typically spacious enough to carry phones, wallets, cosmetics, keys and notepads. Sometimes they feature multiple compartments as well as internal and external pockets. Out of all the bag types, shoulder bags are the most practical and common.


Basically clutch bags are handbags without handles; you’ll clutch them. It’s meant to be tucked under an arm or simply carried by hand. A clutch is traditionally small and used for evening occasions, you can carry car keys, lipstick, driver’s license, and that’s it. Nowadays, ‘oversized’ clutch bags have become a popular option; they’re the same as the classic clutch bag but big enough to carry the other essentials. Clutches come in hard-casing, framed or soft-bodies cases. Various materials and shapes are available like sequined fabric, silk and leather. Clutches feature numerous closures like zippers, drawstrings, fold-over flaps, push lock, drawstring and top closure.

Tote Bag

Casual tote bags are oftentimes made of canvas materials, they’re fully open on the top and are limited to a single compartment. Tote bags are bigger than other bag types, when you wear them on the shoulders, then they’ll fall below the elbow. Shopping, beach trips and outdoor activities are ideal places to wear tote bags.