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Battle Royals: How The Gaming World Is Developing For Its Future Base

The world of battle royals has become really popular and has expanded at a pretty fast rate with games like PUBG and Fortnite in the limelight. Everyone on Situs Poker Online will tell you that PUBG is a better game but it can vary from person to person. PUBG is a more popular game in the Asiatic region whereas Fortnite is way more popular in the Americas.

The games have very obvious difference even though the motives of both the games is pretty much similar, survival of the fittest. The last man standing wins the games. PUBG gaming competitions have already been hosted a couple of times whereas esports for Fortnite could soon become a reality.


PUBG is preferred by old school gamers as it is a simple first-person perspective shooting game where you are dropped onto an island and need to play within a fixed zone to avoid eminent death of your character. You can play solo, duo or in a team of four. You collect utilities from all the looting points and you move around the map looking for other players and killing them.


Fortnite is a bit more complicated and trendier, where you can build ways to move swiftly, play with music and can do various slick moves depending on how experienced and bold you are but at the end of the day you will have to survive till the end of the game to win it. Fortnite will seem a bit more mythical and doesn’t boast of a mobile version like PUBG.


Seeing all the pump around Battle Royals, even COD has decided to step into the game with COD Blackout which is a lot like PUBG but probably 2 or 3 leagues above it. This is also a first-person shooting game but with way better graphics and cooler gadgets like the grappling gun. You can call it a more refined and futuristic take on PUBG.