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Barclay Brothers Owning the Title of Richest Celebrities

To be ranked richest celebrities is a major achievement. Anyone owning this title must have worked tirelessly for it. These kinds of people are featured in magazines like Forbes Magazines for they are living the dream of many. We must appreciate the fact that they put all the necessary resources together, engaged their bodies mentally and physically, to come up with ideas and products that have made them who they are today. Challenges they have faced are as huge as the success they have achieved.  With all that said, we can look into;

Barclay Brothers; David Barclay and his twin brother Frederick started from scratch like many other successful people. They started off as painters and decorators after their father died and they could not afford fees. They even ran a candy shop that went insolvent. They then decided to take enormous loans from a government body called Crown Agent and they ventured in investing. This was the beginning of their success story. They invested into large casinos, breweries and retail companies. They then bought Ellerman brewery for 45 million pounds that they later sold for 240 million pounds. They invested the profit in Ritz Hotel in London. The billionaire brothers then bought a retail business called Littlewoods for 750 million pounds. They then made the UKs home shopping marketplace a monopoly after merging it with Littlewoods to form Little-woods Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited that had over two hundred stores in UK. They constructed a fortress that is worth over 90 million worth called the medieval fortress. Barclay brothers ventured into media industry and bought The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. They have invested over 1000 million pounds in media industry. Their combined net worth is $3.8 Billion.


Their success journey has been long but till the end is when we realize that it was worth it. They deserve to be among the richest celebrities.