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5 Online Typing Games

Learning is always easy and quick when it is fun. Online Judi Online is a good way to have some recreation. It is even better when you get to learn while you play. If you are someone who is looking to improve your typing speed in English, online typing games are here to help you have some fun while you learn.

Listed below are 5 online typing games aiming to improve your typing speed.

  1. Fast Typer 2

In this typing game, you will need to type the words that appear on the screen in a fast manner. This game requires you to type as many words as possible within a stipulated time.

  1. Typing Attack

This online fun typing game needs the player to shoot by typing words when spaceships appear on the screen. When he/she shoots by typing words the enemies explode at the last keystroke. The game displays accuracy and speed of the player at the end of the game.

  1. Snow Typer

An extremely engrossing typing game, the player needs to type before each word hits the ground. Whenever you fail to do so, a part of the snow man disappears. The game is over when he loses all his parts. Your goal as a player should be to keep the snow man alive as long as possible.

  1. Word Mountain

In this typing game, player needs to climb mountains and he needs to climb them fast. The speed of climb is determined by the speed of typing. There’s a computer climber that’s competing with the player, and he/she needs to climber quicker than the computer climber.

  1. KeyBall Maze

As simple as escaping a labyrinth, this game needs you to use extended home row keys ASDF JKL EI. You can use both hands to type and play and find a way out of the maze!